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Ideal Design ideas for the Nursery


If you make the nursery colorful, it will be more creative. The good thing about having your own room in your house is that you can build dreams and plans in your own territory without being threatened. He never wanted his son to get bored, so the occasional retouching of his room will make a big difference in his personality and mood.

1. If possible, change the color of the room by painting the walls every year or at least every year. If you ask your child what color you want for your room, the usual answer is dark pink for girls and blue for boys. Staying in your room means that you love what you see and that you feel comfortable. Light up your child’s room with bursts of this wonderfully fruity color.

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2. If they have a character that they love, try to find sheets or curtains with the same character design. If you can afford an expert painter, it will be easier to redesign the Kid’s Beds room. Children who love a certain action hero can simply follow the color of the hero and use it to color their room as blue and red for Superman. Because young girls love fairy tales and princesses, these can be the main theme of the room.

What you can also do is paint the bedside table according to the theme. Buy a carpet so your child can have one when he wants to play on the floor. For children who fear large objects, there is a large animal print or a big hug in the room.

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Painting the roof is another good idea instead of leaving it white. If you can not hire someone to do it for you, you can paint it yourself with dark blue complete with white stars, moon, and clouds.

3. Family picture frames should never be forgotten, as this will make your child closer to his family. In addition to helping everyone in the family to assemble the room, placing the photo in your room will make you more loved and more important. You can write a line for him every day, such as his favorite song or the favorite sentence of his comic.

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