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Add Subtle Glam Look To Your Kitchen With Suede Silestone Quartz


While glossy countertops are known for adding a luxurious sheen to an interior, subtle suede finish adds both warmth and aesthetic appeal to the environment. No matter which finishes you prefer as an individual but trendy suede is creating a lot of buzz in 2019.

Countertops undoubtedly dominate your kitchen interior, so finding the best one for your cooking area is a serious choice. Once you finalize the material, such as Silestone or any other quartz brand, you still need to consider the best sheen to spruce up the interior.

Silestone Statuario quartzIf you’re not a fan of glossy or matte worktop finish, new Silestone Suede finish is a noteworthy texture that gives a soft yet unique effect to your kitchen. Meanwhile, it also has a great impact on the beauty and elegance of a kitchen countertop. With such remarkable touch and colour consistency, Silestone can add value to any contemporary home.

Characteristics of Suede Silestone Countertops:

  • Appearance: The suede Silestone worktops are less reflective compared to glossy surfaces. If you have many lighting fixtures like task lighting, overhead lighting or accent lighting, a good deal of glare comes from the shiny worktop surfaces. Moreover, such glossy surfaces shoe too many fingerprints. To avoid all these issues, suede Silestone is the best choice.
  • Availability: Unlike earlier glossy or polished Silestone surfaces, many quartz fabricators are selling popular suede sheen to customers. Depending on the colour and patterns on a worktop, fabricators can decide the hue that looks the best with a suede finish to deck up any kitchen interior.
  • Affordability: You might think that the suede finish would be an expensive upgrade option. But it depends on your fabricator and the quality of their work. Some reputed Silestone fabricators do offer you the best quality suede finish quartz at a reasonable price range.
  • Colour: The textured and stylish Silestone suede finish comes in over 50 to 60 colour options for giving a unique, soft touch to your kitchen. This evokes a distinctive texture and exotic touch.

Bacteriostatic: Silestone Suede is a unique combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal to delight the eyes of viewers. Besides, this worktop comes with an inbuilt bacteriostatic feature to keep the surface free from germs. Hence, it’s a hygienic worktop to prepare food.

Maintenance: There is no doubt that Silestone Suede collection carries a luxurious finish. But it also requires a little extra care and attention compared to glossy worktops. If you can put extra effort on maintaining its surface, it can easily last for several years.

Does Suede Finish Conceal?

Unlike polished Silestone Statuario quartz, the suede version conceals smudges, stains or scratches better. That’s why the later version is popular among homeowners who don’t have extra time to clean their worktop and cabinet surfaces. The finished worktop surface is soft, smooth and satiny to feel. Another good thing about this worktop finish is that it does not reflect light like polished surfaces.

Suede Finishes Create Texture

Many homeowners with open floor plans or larger kitchens are inclined towards suede worktops or cabinets because they feel that vast expanses of polished surfaces are too much gloss, especially when shared between dining, living or other areas of your home. In kitchen spaces with too much shine and gloss, the suede finish is the best to add little textural effect. It even adds a distinct level of sophistication to the modern home interior.

Alternative Options

Silestone is a leading quartz manufacturer, providing many finish options to customers. In case you are not satisfied with the look and feel of the suede finish, consider an alternative like “leathered” finish. The leathered worktop finish is also a great matte option and also doesn’t show the appearance of fingerprints, stains or any other imperfections on the surfaces. Not all Silestone colours come in suede or leathered sheen; however, both are great options to consider when you want to add luxurious matte finish or textured appearance to your living space.

Do Test It Out!

There is no need to be hesitant to test out the material of your choice. When you visit a showroom, do ask for a sample to take home and test it out in a real-life situation. Otherwise, take help of a salesperson. Bring some potato chips with you and a terry cloth towel. Now place the greasy hands on the sample for your fingerprints to experiment with cleaning. This way you can gauge the maintenance needs of the suede material that you’re testing out.

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