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5 Kitchen upgrades ideas that can make life easier



Kitchen is like the powerhouse of a home. It is the place where we cook delicious food and enjoy it with our loved ones. The place is also used for chatting and dining with guests. School going children use the kitchen to prepare their homework. However, if you have an outdated kitchen or one that misses many modern amenities, it is loud and clear that the kitchen is of no use.

Kitchen upgrades
Kitchen upgrades don’t have to be expensive

Below are a few kitchens upgrades ideas that will bring a dramatic change in a kitchen and make your life easier.

  1. Lighting fixtures

It is somewhat unfortunate that many homeowners do not understand that Kitchen lighting is an important issue for a couple of reasons. The main reason why kitchen lighting is so important is that it maximises the visibility of the working area. The rightly placed ceiling spotlights greatly illuminate worktops for food preparation. In a similar fashion, there are cabinet lighting that brings light to the darker spots in the kitchen.

One important aspect of lighting is it has a major impact on the mood and atmosphere in a room. A kitchen is no exception. Since we spend a good amount of time in the kitchen whether it is cooking, dining or chatting, ensuring ambient lighting in the kitchen is quite important.

  1. Kitchen sink and faucets
Kitchen colourful sink

The sink is the most important place in a kitchen. It is evident from the fact that while staying in the kitchen we spend 60% of the time around the sink. And why not be? While preparing for food, washing and cutting require frequent use of the kitchen sink.

In a kitchen remodelling project, choosing the perfect model of kitchen sink is difficult because of the presence of the sheer number of products with different styles, design, and materials in the market. To narrow down the hunt for the right model, one simple tip is first to look at your kitchen. Is it a small or large sink? There are some large models of kitchen sinks like farmhouse sinks which are elegant looking but will look odd with a small kitchen. Another buying consideration is the material of the sink. Kitchen sinks are made of different materials like stainless steel, cast iron, copper, composite granite, and fireclay. Products materials also have a great impact on the price. So, choose the material according to your budget. However, there are other buying consideration factors.

kitchen upgrade ideas

Another obvious kitchen accessory is faucets. Faucet market has the same scenario as a sink. There is no shortage of kitchen faucets with different styles, materials, mounting options, price in the market. So, here too picking the right model is confusing. However, for a functional kitchen, choosing the latest design faucet like commercial style kitchen faucet is a good idea.

  1. Kitchen Island

A modern kitchen must incorporate a kitchen Island in its layout. An island is one type of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to serve as a supplement of the countertop. When it is about making life easier, no kitchen accessory is as useful as a kitchen Island. A few noticeable benefits of installing a kitchen Island is described below

  • Provides more storage space

A kitchen island offers extra storage space. The owners of a small kitchen believe that installing a kitchen Island is a waste of space and unnecessary. On the contrary, this kitchen part can help with lack of storage. Besides, it provides room for food prep as well as a place to socialize.

  • Useful place for kids

It is a nice place for kids to do their homework. Besides, in a kitchen Island, children help parents to prepare dinner. Another use of the kitchen Island is placing kitchen appliances like microwave ovens on it so that children warm snacks in it on their own.

  • Additional cooking area

Kitchen Island will greatly extend your cooking area. You can install another prep sink or cooktop here. The space below the Island can be designed to keep kitchen gadgets within arm’s reach will make spending time in the kitchen more fruitful.

  1. Upgrade the stoves

Similar to lighting fixtures, the cooking stove is another overlooked yet quite important kitchen appliance. Whether you are an experienced or beginner cook or someone who cooks occasionally, a good quality stove will make cooking tasks far easier.

stove and sink together
stove and sink together

There are different types of stoves like range, induction, gas or electric. With such variations, it is difficult to choose which kitchen stove is ideal for your household. Choose the stove that will serve your needs the best. Keep in mind that a stove is one of the most frequently used appliances in any home. So, the appliance needs to be of high-quality.

  1. Install a water softener

Using hard water has corrosive effects on your plumbing. Drinking or washing kitchen utensils with hard water has detrimental effects on your hair and skin. Installing a water softener in the kitchen is a smart solution to get rid of the consumption or use of hard water. Faucetsreviewed reviewed and listed some top-of-the-line water softeners currently available on market. You can read their buying guide before choosing a water softener.


Upgrading your kitchen will not only make your life easier but will also increase your property value. Implementing the 5 ideas we described above require not a big budget but will greatly improve the working environment in the kitchen and thereby your life as well.

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