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Boost Your Productivity with These 4 Office Design Tips


Not long ago, there wasn’t much regard for office designs. All employers had to do was build a bunch of cubicles and stock them with essential office equipment. However, with time, the need for improving the office layout increased tremendously.

This growth was sparked due to numerous studies proving that certain office layout designs boost employee productivity and morale.

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If you intend on improving your current office design or simply want to come up with a new one, and aim to boost productivity, here are 4 tips to guide you.

1. Regulate Lighting

Lighting is a vital part of office design. Since the working hours in modern offices, today are flexible, you should regulate the lighting to suit different times. You can use natural light during the day. This will, however, depend on how much light can penetrate your office. Offices located in corners without windows should have access to artificial light. Whereas, those that are extremely close to windows should have shutters or blinds to regulate excess light.

In cases where employees have to stay late or work during night shifts, other lighting options should be available. Fluorescent lights can be used to light up the entire area, whereas table and floor lamps can be used for reading, writing or any other work-related task.

2. Stick to Ergonomic and Stylish Furniture

It’s quite unfortunate how some office designs lean more towards aesthetics than comfort. If your employees are not satisfied with the current working conditions, it will be hard for them to be productive. This is why employers should strive to achieve a balance between ergonomic and style.

To promote productivity at the workplace, furniture you buy should be adjustable, offer lumbar support and generally be comfortable. Ergonomics shouldn’t only be limited to furniture but also office technology. The keyboards, mouse, and monitors should be adjustable as well.

3. Choose Your Colours Wisely

Extreme colours are emerging as a trend in office design. As a company or business, the colours painted on walls or furniture can boost productivity in the office. Expert interior designers have associated neutral colours as blank canvases for creativity.

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Our top picks include brown which improves morale, blue it instils a sense of calmness and yellow or orange which boosts your employees’ energy. When choosing colours, you need to be very careful. Although the above enhance productivity, they should be used wisely to avoid monotony and eye strain. Also, choose colours that promote your brand.

4. Declutter

It is very easy for clutter to accumulate in an office. This is because, in a workstation, nothing can be considered as irrelevant. That pile of old files in your office can’t be thrown out because you may need that information in the future.

However, clutter can hinder productivity in an office. It increases anxiety, kills creativity and it might prevent employees from performing to their full potential. When there are a lot of things poorly arranged on your office desk, it can be harder for you to trace certain documents. Resulting in a waste of time.

Decluttering, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. It ensures the office premises are neat and properly arranged, thus enhancing productivity.

Although it may be overwhelming or seem like there is no time, you can greatly boost productivity and efficiency by renovating your office space.

Decluttering your desks, regulating the lighting, choosing your colours wisely, buying ergonomic and stylish furniture are some of the key tips that will help increase productivity in your work environment.

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