Home Interior Interior design – Looks matter, no matter what!

Interior design – Looks matter, no matter what!


The interior design of your home says a lot about you. It is your chance to make a statement about your individuality and personal taste and you should take your time in selecting something that appeals to your individual taste. It should also be pleasant and relaxing for you as it the place where you come home every day.

home interior design
home interior design

Here is a list of the ten top interior designs to help you choose from:

Animal prints

Many modern villas are nowadays using animal prints to design their home. So you may have a range of options like leopard print or zebra prints in your living room. A lot of material is available in the market that as animal skin imitations.

African theme

In many homes across the globe you will likely observe wooden furniture designed with carvings or wrought iron and other decorations all inspired by the African theme.

Floral Extravaganza

Floral Extravaganza interior design

Bring vibrant colors of flowers add a zing to any setting. One good way to use these is to use an otherwise subtle setting but adding color by having small things like cushion covers or a rug in bright floral designs.


One of the simplest ways to make a statement is the use of stripes in an elegant manner. Carpets, upholstery, cushions- each of these elements can add to the design effect even if the colour choice is subtle. Red, Black and White are the popular choices. The idea of this design is to make things stand out.


The new trend is to have a lot of greenery in your home. People keep a lot of houseplants and creepers in their homes. The choices of these are merged with the overall theme of the home. So you may have a lot of flowering plants in case you have decorated your home with a lot of bright colours or you may have long creepers on a wall that add the colour in an otherwise simple design.

Eco friendly

There is a shift to green products. So in all that you use at home – storage baskets, linen, furniture, crockery or storage items, no plastic is used


The new cult is to have elaborately embroidered cushions, linen and napkins. This is really going back to our grandmother’s era when these things were made at home. Now handmade is back and appears it will be here for a while.


A lot of things can be made from recycling old things. An innovative way to use old plastic bottles to grow your garden vegetables.


Circles, square and their combination can never really ever go out of fashion. They are on our rugs, wall art, pictures.


Graffiti as wall are is hugely popular these days. You can personalize it to exactly what you want.

Brick and mortar

Brick and mortar interior design

It is a rage to have the half-done look in your home. So that is plain and bare like brick and mortar. It is rustic, cool and a huge statement. More and more people are turning to this theme for their living spaces. You can have this is on part of your home, or in a place like your kitchen.

This is a long process of thought and deliberation and should not be undertaken in a hurry. Many websites offer help in letting you visualize how a particular design or colour combination will look in your home. You should choose one, once you fully know how it will look along with its colours and textures.

Remember, the interior design says a lot about you. It is almost like choosing your outfit for a wedding.

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